Day 175: Holy sh*t, it’s Holi!

Never before in my life I had interacted with an Indian person until I arrived to London. The Indian community in my hometown is really small but here they are the biggest minority and one of them in almost every corner.

Saying that a person is a certain way just because he or she was born in a particular place is just a stupid prejudice and sometimes -most of them- they are not true, but now that I have interacted with many Indians I dare to say that they share two things: First, they all seem to enjoy life. Even when I hear them complaining, they do it with a big smile. They laugh, they joke, they are happy and they enjoy even the toughest moments. Second, for them the phrase “the more the merrier” is an everyday rule. If they invite you somewhere don’t expect just a few people, rather you are going to interact with a whole bunch on them. A simple thing like going for a cup of coffee can easily turn into a huge party if one of the attendants is from India.

Holi Festival of Colours
Holi Festival of Colours

Although this wasn’t my first indian festivity here in London, since I celebrated Diwali in Trafalgar Square, yesterday I got to celebrate a Holi, Festival of Colours for the first time. Those type of festivals are getting more and more popular so now you can even experience something similar in Mexico. The festivity combines those two characteristics I think that all the Indian people share, so it becomes a huge celebration with loads of people just celebrating happiness and life.

There are many Holi festivals across the city and during the year, but this particular one was organized by students and their Indian societies, and it happened in one of the gardens in Bloomsbury. For just one pound you could buy one of the colorful powders and be a part of it. In the beginning I started shyly just throwing a little bit of green dust to one of my friends, but soon I started feeling like a child, just running through the gardens, all covered in colour and chasing -or being chased by- girls that were just like me, experiencing Holi.

Celebrating Holi with one of my Indian friends
Celebrating Holi with one of my Indian friends

It started as a symbolic victory of good over evil, and for many is a celebration of the beginning of the spring. For me is a celebration of life and happiness and the many things I am learning from my many indian friends. I ended up with colour dust in every inch of my body and shampooing my hair for seven times wasn’t enough to get rid of the red powder but for sure yesterday was a memorable experience!


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