Day 192: The weirdest british festivity

It was just a regular Saturday in the city but since we were walking in Oxford Street we could see that something weird was going on. As we approached Trafalgar Square the number of feathers flying through the air increased to a point where it was surprising. It wasn’t just the occasional feather from the annoying pigeon -damn flying-rats- but it was a serious amount of them, just passing by, being moved by the wind.

While being in the UK I have celebrated the weirdest festivities, like the National Jumper Day -you are supposed to wear a jumper- or the National Pancake Day -you will enjoy pancakes!- but this celebration was the strangest I have ever seen. There were thousands of people gathered together in Trafalgar Square to get the record of the World’s Biggest Pillow Fight.

World Biggest Pillow Fight
World’s Biggest Pillow Fight

As it sounds, you were invited to bring your own pillow and smash it against every single soul in the Square. People were gathered in the entry of the National Gallery, some of them even wearing their pijamas, holding a big pillow and just punching at each other. The whole square was covered in white feathers so in case you forgot your pillow -like me- you could just pick up some of them from the floor and toss them to the person standing close to you.


Pillow Fight in Trafalfar Square
Pillow Fight in Trafalfar Square

This Saturday I had the worst nasal allergy ever: I must have sneezed like a thousand times due to the damn feathers but I have to admit that it was surprisingly fun to be a part of such a stupid festivity and I am really thankful that I am not part of the cleaning staff of any of the restaurants and stores near that place!



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