Day 262: Goodbye Commonwealth!

One of my favourite time of the day was dinner. For the past few months I’ve been living in a student’s hall and it was catered which means that they cook for you -not the best food- and they do the dishes, all you have to do is go downstairs and with your tray select what you want to eat.

Going to dinner would always be like a surprise to me. Sometimes I would sit next to an unknown person and by the end of our meals we would be talking about music, politics or how good is mexican food. Other times our conversations could be a serious debate about international relationships or something as vague like the rain.


In my hall there used to live 400 students plus some occasional visitors from the hall next door. There  wasn’t enough time to know them all but it was always nice to interact with a new face. One time I was sitting next to this guy and when he told me his age I was in a shock: I use to watch FRIENDS before you were born! Another time I sat next to a girl that didn’t even knew that Mexico is a country.

From small talk -weather talk in the UK- to deep and insightful conversations, dinner was always a special ocasion. Today that I moved out I was sad to say goodbye to the place that I called home for the past few months. Even when the building wasn’t good, even when sharing a toilet with 20 guys could be just as surprising as dinner and even when the food was sometimes terrible, I am sure that I will be miss my dinners at Commonwealth!

Life is like getting dinner in Commonwealth… you never know what you’re gonna get!



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