Day 291: World cup, what is it good for?

Why do we really want a soccer World cup? Is it so important as a sport that the Olympics are not enough and we need to have a separate event to see the best of the best only in football? You don’t really see the best, because there are some constraints to the teams: they all have too be from the same country. I think that the teams from the UEFA Champions League, since they don’t have constraints and they hire the best players not only from Europe but from all around the world, has higher quality matches.

Pao de Azúcar
Pao de Azúcar

Worldwide speaking, I think the World cup was really important. Nearly 25% of the world’s population could cheer for their country and hope for the best.Something unique from London is that every time, for every match, I could see a person rooting for one of the teams and even wearing the official shirt -even for small countries that are far away like Honduras or Ghana. I really loved to see them before the match, happy and full with pride and hope for their teams, but it was just as sad to see 31 times, people that were cheering for countries that lost. I couldn’t helped but to feel sorry for the Colombians that lost against Brazil, or the Italians that lost against Uruguay. Then Mexico lost against Netherlands and I was one of them. 64 matches were played and 171 goals were scored (plus the several ones that Mexico scored and for some arbitrary reason they didn’t count) and for those 171 times, there was cheerful people being happy, even if it was just for the moment. I even think that in London there were more people supporting foreign countries than England, but even when they lost there was angry and sad people on the streets.


For me the definite winner was Brazil. Not for their soccer, not for their stadiums and not for their terrible politics involved, but everyone I know saw at least one of the games, and most of them they want to see if those beaches are as beautiful as they look in the screen, if favelas are real, and they want to experience the Caipirinhas and the Carnival. If you saw the final  you must have seen the image of the sunset around the Christ from Corcovado and wished you were there.

El Cristo de Corcovado
Christ from Corcovado

I have read many arguments against the World Cup in Brazil and the fact that they need schools and hospitals, but I am certain that some cities will get a huge boost from tourism in the following years. Nowadays for each person that visits Brazil there are 15 that visit France but I am sure that after this month dedicated to football and tropical paradise that number will even a little.

Playa de Ipanema

Now we will wait another 47 months for the next World cup!


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