Day 357: I have nothing.

The things that I value the most are not mine. I have come to this conclusion after moving four times in the last year. For one reason or the other I have been moving, first from Mexico to London and then inside the city. Every time I move I think the same: I have too much stuff and I don’t really care much about them. Basically I have clothes, my violin, my pillow and my computer, and it seems too much, especially when I have to move everything across London (and I discovered that not every tube station is step-free). I don’t even have pictures, books or notes since I scanned all of them and now I have them on my email, so really all of my stuff fits in a couple of boxes.

My Stuff
My Stuff, as I packed them in Mexico.

What do I value the most? I think really is an interesting question. If I am moving and for some weird reason I could only save one of this items, which one would it be? At first, a very romantic idea came to my mind: I would save my violin since it allows me to play my music and express my self. Not only romantic, but stupid: how will I sleep that night without pillows and sheets? So, second idea, is better to save those.

Wait, what would I wear the next day? So then, my third option: I would save my clothes. Not a single item, but all of them: shirts, trousers, socks, everything. Although really I could go to a store and buy -if I had the budget- a whole new and fashionable wardrobe, so, clothing is important, but only because I need them, not because I value them much, and even less a particular item, like a jacket or a suit.

Then, I realized: my computer is the thing that I would save. Thanks to this keyboard and this screen I can Skype with my family and friends, I can write and read and I am able to communicate with everyone. This computer is my most valued item, although is not really those cables and pieces inside and is not the information that it contains, since most of my files are now uploaded somewhere in the web. If for some reason someone replaced my laptop with a new one, then that would be my most valued item.

From all of the stuff that I have, the one that I value the most is the one that allows me to stay in touch with my beloved ones. The rest of my belongings are really like the dishes and glasses in a restaurant, important because they allow me to work and live everyday but completely replaceable.

What do I value the most? Things that I don’t own. Sharing a cup of coffee -pint of beer, who am I kidding- with a friend, laughing with my family on Sundays, seeing my dogs get excited when they hear my voice through the computer, travelling on my free time, feeling productive and challenged, seeing my friends grow old… memories, present and exciting plans for the future. I value many things, but I have come to the conclusion that really, I have nothing.



  1. Darme cuenta que no todas las estaciones del tube son step free también fue un problema para mí! Hahaha. Muchos éxitos Rafa, un abrazo.


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